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A.G. Miller Co., Inc. teams up with Plexus and Qiagen to produce DNA Analyzer

This is a photo of a Plexus Qiagen machine that AG Miller produced

A.G. Miller Co., Inc. teams up with Plexus and Qiagen to produce DNA Analyzer

A.G. Miller Co., Inc. recently completed a two-year-long project for Plexus, the largest product realization and manufacturing company in the world, and Qiagen, the leader in DNA technology, located in Switzerland.

A.G. Miller Co., Inc. was selected by Plexus to build the frames, chassis, panels, and doors for Qiagen’s DCU QIAsymphony Rapid Capture System, based on A.G. Miller Co., Inc.’s reputation for high quality craftsmanship and expertise in precision metal fabrication.

Superior Metal Fabrication

“This job took precision to a whole new level,” said A.G. Miller President, Rick Miller. A.G. Miller Co., Inc. completed this job in record time, despite the intricate tooling developed entirely to meet this project’s requirements and the necessity for several components to be sourced internationally.

“The aesthetics on the outside of the machine had to be absolutely perfect,” said Miller. “A.G. Miller is the only company allowed to use Qiagen’s specific metallic silver Monopol paint, called Bilacryl® PU D34,” he said. Each glass window was required to be fire resistant and contained a layer of electromagnetic induction (EMI) shielding for optimal sample protection.

“This project required incredibly high end finish and extremely close tolerance across multiple components,” Miller said.

Quality Metal Fabrication leads to technological advancement

The technology from Plexus and Qiagen allows laboratories to add reagents to blood samples, which extract everything from the blood, except the DNA. The technology then produces a print out of the DNA for laboratories to analyze. This progressive technology is incredibly versatile, with uses from criminal investigation to biological advancement. The custom fabricated enclosure created by A.G. Miller Co., Inc. ensures full protection of the innovative technology from Qiagen.

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