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Our in House Painting Services Guarantee High Quality Finishes

This Is A Photo Of The AG Miller Experience And Scope Of Work

When it comes to applying the right finish to your precision metal fabricated components, the A. G. Miller Co., Inc., has the onsite facilities and expertise to meet the specifications of the most demanding jobs.

We offer clients the choice between liquid and powder finishes. This is an advantage for our clients as it helps streamline projects. When you choose to work with us you can trust your job will be completed quickly and accurately.

Powder finishing

A.G. Miller has a dedicated area for applying powder coating to metal fabricated components. This allows us to work on pieces with dimensions up to 60 in. X 78 in. x 192 in. We will apply powder coating utilizing your choice of materials, including epoxies, urethanes, polyesters or hybrid finishes.

Liquid finishing

We also offer liquid painting options as well. We maintain an automotive sized paint booth for liquid paint work, which also allows us to work on extremely large components. Our liquid paint finishes are applied using a range of conductive and non-conductive materials, including water-based epoxies, polyurethane or MIL-STD finishes.

A.G. Miller is authorized to apply military-approved Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) to precision metal fabricated components. We are also proud to be chosen as the approved vendor for many Department of Defense (DOD) projects.

About A.G. Miller Co., Inc.

The A.G. Miller Co., Inc. is a custom precision metal fabricator located in Springfield, Massachusetts. For more than nine decades, three generations of the Miller family have maintained our position as a leader in the Metal Fabricating Industry.

Our variety of equipment and highly skilled staff allows us to serve a wide customer base including the food, medical, computer, electronic, OEM, construction and defense industries. The products we manufacture are equally diverse, and include computer control consoles, stainless steel tanks and hoods, machine bases, custom brackets and hardware, decorative architectural work and enclosures of every size and shape.

When you have a precision job you need done right the first time, call us at (413) 732-9297.

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Our customers come first

“Thanks for responding to our RFQ so promptly. The price and delivery quoted is in line with our program requirements. It’s a pleasure dealing with a responsive vendor.”-GTB Cases Corp.