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413-732-9297 Springfield, MA

With our experiences and expertise professionals, we offer medical furniture and medical instruments to many great partners.  Our ISO 9001 quality assurance allows us to operate in a fast paced and accurate measurement and manufacturing facility to provide the best for our clients.

Our team complies with all government regulations as well as exceeds industry standards.  We partner with some of the largest medical companies in the world to provide our services in the ever-changing market.

We utilize customization software to provide error free products that meet high quotas equivalent to six-sigma expectations.

Applications include:

  • Medical Incubator Chassis
  • Medical DNA Chassis
  • Machine Bases
  • Stainless Steel Tanks & Covers
  • Computer Control Consoles
  • Operating equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Components of Diagnostic Imaging Systems
    • CT Systems
    • MRI Systems
    • Nuclear Medicine Systems
  • Custom Medical Hardware

Call A.G. Miller at 413-732-9297 to find out how our precision metal fabrication services can serve the healthcare and medical field!