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* 60″ x 78″ x 192″ part capacity
* Epoxies
* Urethanes
* Polyester
* Hybrids

* Large part capacity in our Automotive Size Booth
* MIL-STD finishes including CARC
* Polyurethane
* Epoxies ” Water-based
* Conductive and Non-conductive finishes

Through our approved outsourcing resources, we also offer all types of electro-plating from Anodizing to Zinc. Please think of A.G. Miller Company as your one stop shop from Engineering to Finished products.

A.G. Miller can complete your sheet metal fabrication or steel sheet fabrication work with finishes to protect your product components. The company offers several paint coating services. Pieces can be protected from various types of exposure assaults using spray paint techniques including powder coating. The powder coating paint process provides superior protection to sheet metal fabrication work. The finish is applied to components using a multi-step powder coating process designed to create a paint-to-metal bond resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling.

A.G. Miller provides powder coating and liquid painting services to the entire New England region. Call us at 413-732-9297 for a quote or more information on our powder coating and liquid painting services.

All sheet metal fabrication and steel sheet fabrication components produced by the A.G. Miller Co. can also be protected using a liquid painting process. Liquid painting produces a thinner coat than powder coating, an advantage when the completed components must meet very tight and specific tolerances in the final assembly of a product. Secondly, liquid paint is an excellent alternative to powder coating. This can happen when paint colors may be required on a part that could be too difficult or time consuming to be color matched as a powder.