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A.G. Miller Launches MIE Trak Pro

This is a photo of an employee powder painting metal

In October, A.G. Miller launched a new software program, MIE Trak Pro Version: 2015. This software is one of the latest products from MIE Solutions. MIE Trak Pro is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows a company to maximize efficiency with automatic scheduling. Through the use of this innovative technology, A.G. Miller will have enhanced teamwork, a modern workflow, robust capabilities, and control over a connected supply chain. In turn, A.G. Miller will offer more accurate and efficient services to customers.

MIE Trak Pro seamlessly integrates all business processes from the inventory in the warehouse to the front office. This software offers numerous advantages including responsive supply chain management, state-of-the-art automation, expert support, fast implementation, and more. The programming is based on specified due dates, required sequences, and the availability of machining. It offers the following features:

  • Sales: Generate quotes and job orders instantly and easily
  • Accounting: Integrate billing, invoicing, and payroll activities
  • Manufacturing: Coordinate production  activities with an automatic scheduling engine
  • Engineering: Increase quality of processes and identify areas of improvement
  • Integration: Integrate with the use of software products and applications to complete tasks

With MIE Trak Pro, managers are immediately alerted of any potential issues in the manufacturing process. The system also generates reports that show when quality issues occur during the manufacturing process, and why they occurred. MIE Trak Pro will also improve the business processes of A.G. Miller through a built-in time clock, alert system, and the ability to better monitor costs and progress.

This user-friendly system allows A.G. Miller to monitor the entire manufacturing process from quoting to the shipping of your products. In addition, MIE Trak Pro will help ensure that your industry’s unique needs are met.  A.G. Miller is confident that this software will enhance the results of business processes and improve customer satisfaction!

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Powder Coating & Liquid Painting

The skilled team of experts at A.G. Miller can offer custom finishes for any size project with the use of a 4,000 square foot finishing area. We offer both powder coating and liquid painting to finish projects according to your exact specifications. The powder coating paint process can provide superior protection to sheet metal fabrication work through a multi-step process that is designed to create a paint-to-metal bond resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling. Liquid painting is also considered to be a great alternative, as it matches colors better than powder coating.  It can also protect sheet metal fabrication and steel sheet fabrication components by producing a thinner coat than powder coating, which is an advantage when the components must meet specific tolerances in the product’s final assembly. Through our approved outsourcing resources, we also offer different types of electro-plating from Anodizing to Zinc.

To learn more about our Powder Coating & Liquid Painting services, click here.

Laser Cutting

A.G. Miller is ready to meet all of your precision metal cutting needs with the help of the latest technology, including laser cutting. We are able to be more flexible for our customers through the use of automated laser sheet metal cutting technology. Continuous production can reduce costs and increase productivity of our metal cutting services, particularly laser cutting. No matter what type of precision metal fabrication your products require, the engineers and craftsmen at A.G. Miller have the expertise in laser cutting to produce finished components that meet all of your needs and specifications.

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