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Big Projects – Big Progress

This is a photo of the machining process taking place

For over 100 years, A.G. Miller has worked hard to provide the highest quality fabrication at competitive prices. A.G. Miller partnered with Columbia Tech, whose motto is Time to Market at Warp Speed, on a project building large portable data centers.

This project was one of a kind. With a short lead time, the client needed a large quantity of units. It was imperative that A.G. Miller be capable of turning around these products in a timely fashion. A.G. Miller’s powder coat capabilities were key in getting these large fabrications produced in a timely manner. Because of this large capacity system, A.G. Miller was capable of working parts up to 60″ wide x 78″ high x 192″ long. A.G. Miller also provided powder coating for other fabricators who did not have the capacity.

In order to complete this project, special forming tools were created to increase throughput. A.G. Miller was restricted to a four month time span and successfully helped build and send out 24 units during that time.

A.G. Miller  was responsible for building the insulated doors, rails, server racks, and floor panels. The staff worked around the clock in order to produce this high quality product for the client. One of the many ways this project was unique was that these new portable data centers save 35% more energy over a typical brick and mortar data center.

A.G. Miller is proud to be a leader in the Metal Fabricating Industry. From projects small to large, simple to complex, prototype to production, we are here to serve your needs.

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Design & Engineer Services

We can start at your job-site and design a custom fabrication that is tailored to your needs, or assist your engineers. Value Engineering, helps to assure your product is fabricated in the most economical way.

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CNC Machining

Our experienced CNC machining fabricators provide services for an affordable price, while holding maintaining the highest standards. Our goal is to meet all of our customers’ precise fabrication requirements in a timely manner.